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What Does HOPE Look Like?

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. ~~Philippians 4:8

At the start of 2011, I decided that I would ditch my default new years resolution of losing weight (thought I haven’t ditched the desire…just the “setting it as a news years resolution” part) and chose to commit my year to something greater and a bit more inspiring: gratitude. Of course this commitment could take many forms but, for starters, I am committing to keeping a gratitude journal and writing at least one thank you note every week. Its incredible what that simple commitment has done for my life. Everywhere I go now, I am searching out opportunities to be grateful and, in doing so, have become uniquely aware of the abundance I am blessed by. The universe is constantly surrounding us with love and that simple but powerful commitment to seeing it makes all the difference in our ability to receive it.

In hopes of giving your eyes a similar blessing as mine have received through gratitude, I ask you, “What does HOPE look like?” It is my wish that as your eyes seek out opportunities to address the question, that its answers will flood your life and grant you a predisposition to seeing the the world’s most beautiful offering.

Hope is the dream of a soul awake ~~French Proverb

Here are a few images that symbolize hope for me….

There are few things more inspiring than children praying. What they lack in knowledge, they make up for in wisdom. What would be more wise than trusting the creator of Divine wisdom with your questions?

This is an image of a Habitat for Humanity build.  It is the perfect picture of shared humanity being recognized. A community devoted to sacrificial giving is a community destine for abundance.

What could spread more hope than people who invest their lives in teaching children to discover the world around them and their place within it? If you haven’t thanked a teacher….do it…now! 🙂

Hope is timeless values. This is my family (well a small slice of it). It is amazing that the values of my great grandparents can live for generations beyond their last breath.

Art makes hope tangible. When we can create, we can create ways out and ways up, in our thinking and in our living.

Its a blessing that there are still places on this earth where nature has not been tamed by greed.  Natural silence is one of the most humbling and awe-inspiring sounds. No matter how overwhelming our own world looks, there is always something bigger outside of us waiting to remind us of the smallness of our current thinking and of our worries.


OK Your turn….What does hope look like for you?

Please share what epitomizes hope for you in the comment section.


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The Power is YOURS!


This one is for all my 80s babies….


As news of the BP oil spill has covered the airwaves and headlines, I have found myself wondering on more than one occasion, “ What would Captain Planet say?”


(Queue cliché memory lane graphics now…)

“EARTH!        FIRE!              WIND!            WATER!         HEART!”

“Captain Planet—He’s Our HERO. Gonna take pollution down to zero. He’s our powers MAGNIFIED and he’s fighting on the planet’s side.”


Now I know there are a few former Planeteers out there. Many of us 80s babies who found ourselves glued to the tv screen at the sound of that obnoxiously catchy theme song have considered which element ring we would want to have.


Well Planeteers, the earth needs our help! Right now, there are millions of gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf and we haven’t figured out how to stop the leak. Shame on BP.  There has been much talk about how those evil villains need us to teach them a lesson. But simultaneously we, the assumed Planeteers, are killing wildlife in other areas of our oceans at a competitive rate and, for this one, the POWER IS OURS!


Feast your eyes on The Great Pacific Garbage Patch…


This, my fellow toxic crusaders, is the environmental marine catastrophe WE are responsible for.  This floating garbage dump is a result of ocean currents trapping plastic and chemical sludge that have found their way into our waters in the North Pacific. Some estimates put this massive ocean garbage dump at somewhere between the size of Texas and the size of the entire continental United States.


This is how it works. Basically, our plastic debris makes it  into the ocean one way or another. After floating for a bit, it is carried into the North Pacific Gyre. Because this plastic is not biodegradable it simply sits there and breaks into smaller and smaller pieces, absorbing toxins in the water as it sits. Innocent fish and birds mistake these floating pieces of trash for plankton and other types of food. Once they digest it, it sits in their stomachs indefinitely until it kills them. Many chicks have been found dead offshore because their mothers have mistakenly fed their young plastic bottle caps and filled their stomachs with our toxic plastic poisons.

This poor birdie didn’t stand a chance with all that plastic in its belly.



In addition to death from ingestion, our plastics are having impact in other unfortunate ways as well.


Take my friend Mr. Turtle, for example.

This sea turtle found himself caught in a piece of plastic as a young chap and was forced to grow up around it. Isn’t adolescence tough enough already?


The easy thing to say is,” its not my garbage.” Well Planeteers, I would have to disagree. It is small negligence that leads to massive issues. BP is in a whole heap of trouble because of a few itty bitty oversights. All it takes is a few itty bitty oversights—like not throwing that water bottle in the right container, forgetting the reusable grocery bag AGAIN, or leaving a few wrappers at the beach—before we are splitting Mr. Turtle in two or making ol’ man Row Row Row his boat gently down the…..floating garbage dump in the Pacific!


PLANETEERS, the earth needs our help. Lets combine our powers from across the globe to fight on the planet’s side. We are our own heroes…taking pollution down to zero.


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