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The King and I

I was born a Princess.  I wasn’t like other little girls who played dress-up in pink dresses with crowns, gaudy jewelry and glittery plastic wands. No. I was a real princess. No question about it. I was sure of it because my daddy said so. He’d say over and over, “Kimmy, you know you are my Princess. And if you are the princess, do you know what that makes me? King of the House!”

So in honor of Fathers Days I’d like to thank His Majesty for his years of faithful service to his Kingdom and for making me feel like royalty every single day.

There are a few things that make my dad an extraordinary King. First, like King David, he is a man of great faith. He has always looked towards his Heavenly Father for guidance on how to be a dad and has taught me to look the same direction for my help.

Secondly, like King Solomon, he is full of wisdom. There is rarely a time you will catch my dad without a book under his arm—in the mall, at the supermarket, at the beach, in the car, on the train, at church. He is ALWAYS stealing a moment to learn more. He is a walking encyclopedia, always ready to share a quote, a study, or a story at anytime. Most importantly, he has instilled that same love of learning in me.

My daddy has always been a King with a heart for service. He never hesitated to drive us to India and back every weekend to make soccer practices, ballet classes, Girls Scouts, golf lessons, Sunday School, summer camps, etc. And in the midst of these endless errands and long days, he still found time to chase monsters from underneath our beds, or run around the house for giggles.

Like a good King, my father has always been determined to protect his Kingdom. His protection was not limited to physical and financial protection. My daddy has been committed to protecting us from those who didn’t appreciate our value as well. The first time I got a clear glimpse of this was in the 9th grade. New to high school, I was beginning to receive regular calls from hormone-crazed teenage boys, some of which did not know they were calling a Princess.

One day one unsuspecting young man by the name of Chris Howard called my number. My dad picked up…

“Hello is Kim there?”

“Yes. But you can’t talk to her asking for her like that! If you are gonna call my daughter, you better ask for her  properly! You say ‘May I please speak with Kim.’ Don’t call my house sounding like a hoodlum!” CLICK.

I was MORTIFIED. Needless to say, Chris Howard NEVER called my house again. But as I look back, now that the embarrassment has faded away, I appreciate that my dad had standards for his Princess and only extraordinary would do.

I am so grateful to have grown up a princess and I am forever indebted to the man who taught me what it means to be royalty. Thank you, daddy, for giving me the honor of being your princess into Eternity.

I love you and Happy Fathers Day!


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