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Who are YOU?

There are about 6.8 trillion people on our planet. In this immense community with such an array of identity conversations, differences and conflicts seem inevitable. Human and cultural genocides, holy wars, national fights for independence, human trafficking, Biggie and Tupac, teenage revelry, and democrats and republicans all come to mind. No wonder we cannot get along! It has to be because we are so different from one another. Right?

Interestingly enough, 99.5% of our genetic code is EXACTLY the same as any unrelated person’s DNA.  That leaves just a fraction of a percentage point separating me from you. With so much of who we are innately being indistinguishable, naturally it is  a daunting task to discover what makes you uniquely you and me uniquely me. As a result, we have taken that tiny weeny 0.5% and run to the moon and back with it, segmenting it as much as possible and creating category after category to separate ourselves from one another. Those categories have been the tools for creating an identity. The list of categories is exhaustive and range from the thousands of languages we speak, the different foods we enjoy, the values we hold,  the flag we salute, the education we have obtained, the jobs we hold, the ethnicity we claim, the hobbies we pursue and the…did I mention this list was endless?

Culturally, spiritually, and emotionally we have created thousands of definitions for identity to assert who we really are as individuals. For some, this might be a rude awakening to the fact that they aren’t quite as unique as they originally believed. I’d like to suggest another perspective. If we have created the categories to define who we really are, then our quest is not one of discovering our “true” identity but simply declaring it. It is in the declaration that the true you becomes distinguishable.

What are you declaring over your 0.5%? Your 0.5% is as large or as small as you create it to be. Who have you said yourself to be, either in word, action, or belief? Is who you are your relationships? Your character? Your spirituality? Your gender?  Your history? Your dreams?

If you had to choose just 5 words or phrases to sum up who you are, what would they be?

Seeker, Relational, Nurturing, Fun, Creative

Creative, Edgy, Open Minded, Fun Loving, Vigorous (emotionally and physically)

Transparent, Creative, Merciful, Funny, and beloved of God

Creative, Compassionate, Smart, Thinker, Wondering

Mother,  goddess/empress, Loyal, Sincere, Citizen of the world

Loyal, Trustworthy, Strong, Independent, WOMAN/mother

Passionate, Balanced, Consistent, Driven, Committed

Optimist, Jamaican, Easy Going, Woman, Educated

Disciple, Dad, King, Motivating, Love

Follower of Christ, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend

Courageous, Faithful, Reliable, Honest, Crazy

Saved by grace, Unworthy of true love but still a recipient of it, Loved, Favored, A Work in Progress

Smart, Funny, Good Sport, Good Player, Good Listener

Kind, Humble, Confident, Gracious, Love A Lot

God’s Princess, Black, Inspiration, full of possibilities, DIRTY JERZ FOR LIFE

And Who Are YOU??


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