The Finer Things

Take a look. This slimy, mucus-looking substance is one of the most desired foods in the entire universe.  Sure–it looks diseased. But this less than visually appetizing grouping of food is actually chocolate in its rawest form.

They say that good things come to those who wait and with chocolate, waiting is a key factor in its eventual decadence.  In this case, “waiting” is a euphemism for fermentation. Fermentation is the process of allowing mold, bacteria, and microorganisms to invade ordinary foods and liquids and transform them into some of the best things life has to offer. Cheese, wine, chocolate,  cider, soy sauce, and Tabasco are but a few things whose goodness is birthed from fermentation.

Chocolate begins as a already delicious fruit, growing from a cocoa plant. Wine begins as a flavorful grape. Milk already does a body food before it becomes cheese. Each of these fermented fancies are perfectly acceptable as good. But with exposure to the right environment, and given the opportunity to be broken down just enough, “perfectly acceptable” is replaced with simply perfect. In essence, fermentation is the process of taking something that is good and putting it into the right setting to be “molded” (pun intended) into perfection.

I think I could use some more fermentation in my life. We all could. It is only by allowing ourselves to get molded in challenging environments that our true flavors begin to shine. Are you comfortable being good or are you pushing yourself to discovery your true decadence?  To which elements do you need exposure to transform into “finer things?”

“The answer is chocolate and the question is pretty much irrelevant”- Somebody brilliant


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