Set It Off

The other day I came across an intriguing headline on

“Golfer’s Swing Sets 12-Acre Blaze”

Apparently a man was playing a casual round of golf (probably not a very good one) in Irvine, CA and knocked his ball into the rough. Determined to get his ball in a better position, he swung his club. In addition to hitting his ball, he also snagged a nearby rock, causing a spark. That little spark amounted to 150 firefighters and a 12-acre blaze in Southern California. Crazy huh? I promise I could not make this stuff up. See for yourself: I wonder if he saved par?

Its incredible to think that one spark we create could set our world on fire. What seem like small, inconsequential actions to us could have lasting impacts on the world around us.   What’s interesting is that this man was not a professional golfer. He was not Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson. In fact, he remains nameless. Yet one action from an ordinary man started an enormous inferno.

What caused this inferno? His pure passion for something better and a vision for what was possible. No ordinary swing creates sparks. You cannot simply swing at the ball and set 12-acres on fire. You have to be swinging with everything you’ve got to create the friction needed to change the environment the way he did. This man was not in an ideal spot. He was in the rough, literally in between a rock and a hard place. Yet he believed he could create a better position for himself with just the right swing and he gave that swing all he had.

There are worlds that are waiting for you to set them on fire with your sparks. There are workplaces, schools, churches and people, waiting for us to take the small seemingly inconsequential actions that will ignite a new fire for living in others. What could you set on fire with your determined passion and tiny spark? Who is waiting for your passion to set their world on fire? We can live our lives smothering fires around us with apathy or we can set this place ablaze with our love. You choose.


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  1. 1

    pre_k said,

    interesting blog haven’t seen you write this much in years. glad to see you are back at it, even in blog form… hope all is well for you.. piece and blessings.

  2. 2

    Dre said,

    I love how you worded and made this one apply to are light into the darkness of this world!! Love it

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