Lessons on Extraodinary Living from Red Velvet Cake

The other night I was chatting with my friend Lauren when our conversation came to a screeching halt when I decided to ask the most absurd question…

Me: Do you like red velvet cake?

LBoog: WHAT!!?!?


Do fish swim?

Birds fly?


Me: Why do you like it?


LBoog: It’s sexy. Period. Point blank.

I was in no way surprised by Lauren’s emphatic praise of red velvet cake. She and just about every person I know stops dead in their tracks at even the thought, mention or sight of the stuff.

In reality, only a few teaspoons of cocoa and a few cups of red food coloring separate this mouth watering dessert from your run of the mill white cake.  Red velvet cake  enthusiasts will tell you red velvet is moist, dense, and beautiful. Any cake baked with love has those things.

So what makes a red velvet cake such a crowd pleaser? Maybe it is not so much the taste of the cake itself that has created all the buzz. Perhaps it is the perception that we are about to experience something special that makes all the difference. There is an anticipation and joy that builds at the sight of those red and white stripes that sets the stage for love even before the first bite. It is that initial excitement that turns ordinary white/chocolate cake saturated in artificial food coloring into an extraordinary dessert.

I wonder what life would be like if we looked at other ordinary experiences the same way we look at red velvet cake—with an anticipation and expectation for joy from the start. What if every ordinary day could transform into the extraordinary simply because you expected greatness? What if each interaction you had today could be extraordinary simply by your choice to see it as such? What if your relationships could become 10 times richer simply by your decision to approach each one as if it was your most important?

Each morning we get to wake up and choose whether we will see the world as white cake with food coloring or delicious red velvet cake. Which one are you choosing today?

“Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great”~Orison Swett Marden


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  1. 1

    Dre said,

    I can totally feel what your saying, it would make things better. But in the world we live in I think its easier to get frustrated with certain points of life. My boss told me I need to be more positive, so I tried it. LoL I was happy and constantly speaking positive things about a negative company and it made it so hard because I know the truth. But dealing with relationships and people I can totally agree it can make it easier to be around people. (sometimes LOL)

  2. 2

    Dana. said,

    I just have to say.. the addition of just cocoa and food colouring is not the only difference between red Velvet and white cake. Red Velvet also calls for Butter milk, which I believe, is not a common ingredient in white cake…. just saying!

    Red Cake is magical.. because it tastes amazing, like no other cake!

    Lovely sentiment though! ^_^

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