The Ride of A Lifetime

During one of the many “not really news” segments of the Today Show, I came across this fascinating photograph of a whale. The segment led with “ A Whale of a Tale: 40-ton mammal lands on yacht.” From the headline and the photo, its safe for you to assume the obvious. The picture was snapped moments before the whale hurled itself through the mast of the ship, destroying the boat, an act that entitled the couple sailing the ship the 15 minutes of fame I was now participating in.

Interesting enough, the part of the story that caught my attention was not the 80,000 lbs soaring through the air. It was what soared with those 40 tons: barnacles. Look closely and you will see the clumps of white crustiness that are at the center of my fascination.

Have you ever thought about the life of a barnacle?  Barnacles are tiny crustaceans that attach themselves to hard surfaces and perch there indefinitely. Once stable, a barnacle kicks its feathery feet out of its shell and collects nutrients from the surrounding water. Many barnacles find rocks to hug.  Some attach themselves to the remains of dead animals or the shells of animals who have outgrown their skin. And some, like the ones of the photograph, find huge whales to tag along with and hold on tight for the ride.  Though this photograph paints an unfortunate scene from the sailors’ points of view, the barnacles are likely having the ride of their lives. It is the substance that the barnacles decide to cling to that determine the course of their lives.

In many ways we are like barnacles…and not just because some of us are crusty. The course of our lives is largely illustrated by what we cling to. The relationships we hold close, the values we stand firm in, the mindsets we are attached to, the jobs we hold, the faith we lean on each play a role in the direction of our lives. Some attachments keep us standing firm, while others keep us standing still. And some of our wisest attachments keep us hurling from adventure to adventure.

What are you attaching yourself to and where is it taking you? Are you holding on to things that are taking you to new levels of living or clinging to dead ideas and mindsets that keep you in the same place?

You are where you are for a reason
What You Did Yesterday Got You Here
What You Do Today Will Get You
Where You Will Be Tomorrow
~Jack Egener~

“Bloom where you are planted.”


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  1. 1

    Ron Brown said,

    I want to send this to everyone in the world!
    Then the universe!

  2. 2

    Ron Brown said,

    I realy enjoyed this. It is a blessing to be the dad of such a gifted writer and wonderful person. I will attempt to get in touch with the United Federation of Planets, the Romulans, Klingons, and assorted other species and send this to them. In case you are not Star Trek savvy, I am simply saying your words contain a universal message.

  3. 3

    Tamekia said,

    Awesome message! In some way or form we all are clinched to something or someone. Its up to us to understand who, why and for how long is appropriate or in our best interests. Thanks Kim!

  4. 4

    Heidi Wills said,

    Kimberly, your imagination is beautiful and I appreciate how you ask meaningful questions. Thank you for sharing your gifts as a writer with the world and those of us truly blessed to know you. You are one of my love-liest attachments! 🙂

  5. 5

    Dear Kim, Your a great writer you have the ability to think profoundly. You have a great gift from God. Use this gift for the glory of God and mankind. You have that great intellect from both of your wonderful parents.
    Love you, Uncle Joe.

  6. 6

    Lauren said,

    Phenomenal post, lady!! You truly are gifted. I am going to pass along this message. Thanks for sharing:)

  7. 7

    Dre said,

    WOW this is good!! I know there are tons of ideals that I hold on to that I shouldn’t. I think that threw time people learn and can accept the faults and bad ideas as who they are and be ok with it, or they can change it and try something new. I think it depends on the person and the people they keep around them.

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